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Bring Back #Christchurch

March 9, 2011
On February 22nd, 2011, a severe earthquake hit the central city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Over 200 people died in this natural disaster. This was the first time the National State of Emergency has been declared in the history of New Zealand, and many came together to do our best from where we were to pull us out of what will be remembered as ‘our darkest days’.
Architecture for Humanity (AFH), a global non-profit for disaster relief, is now channelling a lot of their efforts in headquarters to assist with the earthquake in New Zealand. In New Zealand we are working closely with a number of non-profit groups on the ground. We also have support from the New Zealand Institute of Architects.
The reason why yesterday’s earthquake was so much worse than the one in September, of course, had to do with the time of the day and the location of the quake being so close to the city centre this time, but it’s also because many of the hazards and damages in buildings that collapsed were undetected in the many aftershocks that happened since then.
We would be pleasantly surprised if we exceed our goal, but with any money we do raise, we will work with the institute of architects in Canterbury and devise the best strategy towards building back Christchurch right. One of the initiatives of the local architects in Christchurch is an exhibition (please visit: for more info) to facilitate, to generate ideas and to hold discussions within the local community for how the city should be rebuilt, because we do believe that collaborative, community-driven rebuilding process is much more sustainable than the conventional top-down town planning type redevelopment. Christchurch is now having to start again from ground up, and to do it right we must start, on the right foot from day one.
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