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One hundred in ten

March 4, 2010

In the last few months I have been putting a lot of thought into dating, and now have a fairly tangible idea of what the dating future will hold for me.

As a background, I am in New Zealand right now, a country with population of 4.5m – more specifically in Auckland, population 1.5m. Without resorting to Statistics NZ data, lets do some quick math. Assuming 50/50 split, there are 750k women in Auckland. Of them, about 10% are in the 25-30 age group; 75k girls. From my personal experience, two thirds are likely unattractive (this is not Milan, Paris or Singapore people), bringing me to 25k.

Looking at personality groups and excluding all introverts (Ixxx) and heavily judgemental groups (xxxJ), I am left with 25% of the female population. This equates to roughly 6k girls that I could date. Judging by Facebook statistics on my circle of friends, about 60% of them are in relationships already, which further narrows the range to 2.5k women. Of them, less than half would live in east and central Auckland (I am not interested in a long-distance relationship with, say, north shore). This brings down the number to 1k.

One thousand datable girls in the Auckland region, or put another way, such a small percentage of the population that Excel can’t calculate it without that e^-2 suffix . This is a rather small group, wouldn’t you say?

Lets move to available options:

1. Meet and date someone in the “1k” group in NZ and hope there are enough similarities to have a shared global life together.

2. Wait for 8-10 years until one of the smart and interesting girls gets divorced from an unfulfilling marriage, and get into a relationship then.

3. Travel extensively and meet fascinating and fabulous girls 20-25yo, and hope like hell they share the hectic urban hippie lifestyle.

4. Forget relationships, plan to adopt a child when I’m 35 and become the coolest single dad in the world.

Which of these would make me the happiest? Probably option 3, although it’s likely the most difficult to pursue, but most aligned with my personality and character. The action plan, so to say, is to continue with pursuit of option 1, followed closely by option 3 in parallel and if that doesn’t work out, keeping options 2 and 4 as Plan B for when I am 35.

Carrying through with immaculate strategic planning, and building on learnings from startups, the near term plan is attain a 10% market share in the “1k” group – this translates to dating 100 girls in 2010. For branding and marketing communication purposes, this will be now refered to as the “100 in 10” plan, which will be approved and put into practice effective immediately.



PS: For more in-depth relationship analysis, please see the BCG Romance deck.


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One Comment
  1. Sharon permalink

    Wow. Has it really come to this for you. Is it possible you’re over-analyzing?

    Here are my suggestions – all of which you’re probably already following:

    1. Hygiene. Stay sharp on the personal hygiene. Absolutely no slacking.

    2. Involvement in your interests. Doing what you love will increase the likelihood of you finding someone you love, who enjoys similar activities.

    3. Calm & Assertive. Any other posture in the dating world attracts the wrong folks.

    But…like I said…you’re probably already doing all of that. And I don’t mind if you slam me for giving my two-cents. I’m married with kids looking at our 20year anniversary in 2011.

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